Download Tupelo

These binaries are all you need to get started signing chain-trees and running your own local test net.

The most recent release is 0.2.0 including the following updates:


  • Completed all Token transactions
  • Switched to libp2p pubsub for commit and transaction gossiping
  • Switched client subscriptions to use libp2p pubsub
  • Added Play Transactions RPC handler

    Bug fixes

  • Race condition in bridge fixed - go client PR #16
  • Fixed slowing transactions in wallet

You can find basic instructions for setting up and using the platform here.


Tupelo 0.2.0 - Linux
Tupelo 0.2.0 - Linux - Checksum


Tupelo 0.2.0 - macOS
Tupelo 0.2.0 - macOS - Checksum

Looking to connect to the test net rather than run locally?

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