Download Tupelo

These binaries are all you need to get started signing chain-trees and running your own local test net.

The most recent release is 0.4.0 including the following updates:


  • Defines the core Tupelo types as protocol buffer messages and uses those across all platform-specific development kits.
  • Adds configuration options for notary groups.
  • Fixes panic on bad tip requests.
  • Fixes shell encoding for resolve-data.
  • Removed signer produced errors for transactions to prevent attack vector of malicious signers returning fake errors.

You can find basic instructions for setting up and using the platform here.


Tupelo 0.4.0 - Linux
Checksum: 8e8601db8516e0983a2d05c3a18a11db58cb5378574810df3133a75c99b99588


Tupelo 0.4.0 - macOS
Checksum: 16db257177dbc5582e1ec7dea16717d6fed6d88612ff82faea2eb4fd48fdd0b2

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